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SIV Course – Emergency Reserve in Ibarra, Ecuador

Valley of Pachacamac, Lima, Peru

Valley of Pachacamac, Lima, Peru

Valley of Pachacamac, Lima, Peru
Recognise, Control and Recover!
            Wish to build your confidence and ability in controlling your glider in extreme conditions such as turbulence? Why not join us for an SIV Course?.

            SIV is the French acronym for “Simulation d’Incident en Vol” and roughly translated means simulating (and managing) unstable situations in flight. These ‘situations’ range from canopy collapses through to spins and even cravats.

            The purpose of an SIV course is to recognise potential problems, prevent them from occurring and learn how to recover as quickly and safely as possible.

            Whether you’re a newly qualified or experienced pilot, the benefits are unquestionable and a very important part of any pilot’s development. You learn about the way your particular canopy handles and how to make the correct control inputs in unstable situations, progressively building up to more complicated maneuvers.

            SIV Course Ibarra, Ecuador

            Each November we organise and teach SIV Courses over Yahuarcocha Lake in Ibarra, Ecuador. This is the perfect location to learn and test your abilities in a safe environment, continuously monitored by two highly experienced instructors. Our aim is to offer progressive and individual training; all courses are tailored to suit the student’s actual experience, canopy, expertise and personal objectives.

            Before every flight, manoeuvres and recovery procedures will be fully explained and all flights will be monitored by instructors using radio communication. After each day, all pilots will have a debrief of each manoeuvre using video recording.

            Contact us for more information!
            All tasks are voluntary and should only be performed if the pilot is comfortable.

SIV Course