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Aerial Publicity and Advertising in Miraflores, Lima, Peru
Publicity Photos and Advertising in Lima, Peru
Publicity Photos and Advertising in Lima, Peru

Paragliding Aerial Publicity and Advertising

Paragliding Publicity has many advantages over the more traditional forms of publicity and offers an original, alternative and innovative way to advertise.

Due to the characteristics of a paraglider or paramotor (the possibility to fly at low altitude and at a reduced velocity), this type of advertising has a great visual effect and high impact level to potential clients.

There are two basic methods used for Aerial Publicity:
  • Free Flight relying on the earth’s free energy (wind and sun) to stay airborne.
  • Or Paramotor which can be flown in almost any place, at anytime.
There are also different ways to advertise:
  • A logo can be installed on the underside of the paraglider which has a surface area between 25-42m square.
  • A banner can be attached to the paraglider (maximum size 10m long x 1.2m wide).
  • We can also arrange dropping of promotional material such as flyers/flowers etc.

Once the desired publicity is installed, an advertising campaign can be planned according to specific requirements set by the client/company.

Aerial Advertising can be used for:
  • Flight along La Costa Verde (from Chorillos to Callao)
  • For special events such as concerts or football matches
  • Along the beaches e.g. in the south of Lima
  • Publicity during local festivals
  • For personal messages such as marriage proposals
Aerial Film and Photography

Fly Adventure offers a complete range of Aerial Film and Photography services. Due to the characteristics of paragliding, we are able to film or take photos from various angles and heights.