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Cross Country in Pachacamac, Lima, Peru

Expand your XC horizons!
Flying XC is just about every paraglider pilots dream and often compared to playing chess in the sky. It’s a personal challenge to find the thermals, fly higher and further.

This course is designed for pilots already achieving XC flights wishing to develop their skills, techniques and understanding of often demanding climatic conditions. Every morning there will be a briefing outlining the day’s task and discuss the different methods and ideas to achieve the goals set.

The instruction is tailored to suit individual students depending on their level of experience. As a general guide we cover the following programme:
  • Equipment How to make the most of your paragliding equipment, ensure your safety and expert advice on the best position for XC flying.
  • Site analysis Take off and landing areas, where the best thermals may be and dangerous zones.
  • Decision making Pre-flight and in-flight planning and tactics.
  • Climatic Conditions Mountain weather, valley conditions, wind cycles and transitions.
  • Thermalling Thermal development, finding and using thermals to maximised your height gains.
  • XC speedHow to use your speedbar effectively.
  • Glide efficiency During transitions
  • Post-flight analysis Using vario and GPS information

We hold several XC Course each year in various locations such as:
Pachacamac in Lima and The Sacred Valley in Cusco. Please contact us for further information.

Participating pilots need the following equipment: paraglider, harness (with back protection), helmet, emergency reserve, radio, vario and GPS.

Competition Flying
Your newly found love for XC may lead you into exploring competition flying. Our instructor, Luis Munarriz, is an excellent cross-country pilot with experience in many national and international competitions. He can give advice about launch windows, turn points, speed, goal line and instruments (vario and GPS’s).


Cross Country in Pachacamac, Lima, Peru Cross Country in Pachacamac, Lima, Peru